Restaurant Cal Mosso Aiguamúrcia

Plaça de Santa Llúcia, 1. (Santes Creus). Aiguamúrcia


The process of preparing the spring onions:

At Cal Valls Mosso us, home Calçotada origin.
The Restaurant is located 15 minuts of Valls (17 Km)

The calçotada menu:
For starters: The spring onions with sauce
Second: Grilled meat, langoniza, botifarra black ganxet artichokes and beans.
Desserts: Crème brûlée and orange sugar.
To drink: wine, champagne and water

The calçotada price is 34 ? + VAT


Mosso Cal eaters are characterized by the rustic and familiar. We are in a village manor. There are two distinct environments: one more modern, the first room, and the other much more rustic.


At Cal Valls Mosso us, home Calçotada origin.
The Restaurant is located 15 minuts of Valls (17 Km)

To reach Cal Mosso to make calçotada time, you have to get to Santes Creus, and first pass a bridge that leads to the Plaza de Santa Llucia, and just to the left, before entering the square leading into the Monastery, find the restaurant

Plaça Santa Llúcia, 1, Santes Creus Tel 977 63 84 84 - Mobile: 696 96 43 63

Accessos: AP-7 exit 11 to Vila RODONA i and C-246 TP-2002

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Barcelona - Santes Creus: 98 km - 1 hour

Girona - Santes Creus: 182 Km - 1 hours 45 minuts

Lleida - Santes Creus: 87 Km - 55 minuts

Tarragona - Santes Creus: 35 km - 32 minuts


Outside the season of spring onions (January-April), Cal Mosso offers a different menu, with salads, roasted, grilled meats and other dishes.


Calçotadas Time (From January 12 - April 21). Also open for the long weekend, All Saints and the pure
1st Shift: at 13h. and until 15h.
2n Shift: at 15.15 h. until 18h
* It is advisable to book as far in advance as possible to shift and date escocojer

Summer (July 1 - September 28)
Open every day of the week, except Mondays, from 12am. noon till night: you can eat lunch on the terrace to the letter


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