Summer with children in La Cerdanya (Pirineus)

This summer we are going to La Cerdanya in the Pyrenees!

We will visit Puigcerdà and its magnificent lake, we will ride the La Molina gondola and we will enjoy as dwarfs in La Molina Aventura Park with its lianas, bridges, networks, walkways, Tarzan falls, tunnels, Tibetan bridges... (for all ages)

We will also travel to France to take a bath in a lake in the middle of the most spectacular place you have ever seen!

We will walk through the Animalier park in the town of Les Angles and we will get acquainted with the great wild animals of the Pyrenees. There we will see a lot of them living in semi-freedom, no cages! Wolves, reindeer, bears, deer, marmots, bison, mountain goats...

In addition we will also enjoy a playful aqua space with some very long slides! And the water in the pools disinfected with ozone, no chlorine.

All this accompanied by the magnificent and incomparable high mountain landscape of the Pyrenees. Cool, right?


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