Summer singles with children in Andorra

Delights from a small country.

Exclusive for single parent families / singles with children.

From 02 to 07 August (group A) and from 22 to 27 August (group B), we go to Andorra!

Andorra gives us exuberant beauty in summer. We will enjoy the nature crossing its valleys, lakes and mountains, we will ride by cable car to enjoy its wonderful landscapes, the kids love it! We will arrive to Tor in off-road vehicles, fording rivers and following the famous route of the smugglers, an adventure! We will visit the adventure park Naturlandia and we will feel the adrenaline rising with its star attraction the Tobotrón, enjoying it with our children, to finish with some well-deserved hours of relaxation in the fantastic thermal center of Caldea, the largest in Europe! A huge space with different environments, music and lights that will make you feel in glory.

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  • From 02 to 07 August - Group A.
  • From August 22 to 27 - Group B.


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