OP & Kids, oci per a singles amb nens Barcelona

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Exclusively for single parent families.

We know how important it is in childhood to interact with other children, play, have fun, discover, travel. Any adventure in this stage becomes a fabulous learning. Our motivation is that your children enjoy interacting with other children outside the school. Our excuse is the activities, excursions, weekends, getaways and trips prepared and organized with professionalism, affection and a lot of care, taking care and worrying about the smallest detail. However, our purpose does not end there. We strive so that enjoyment and fun are also for you, between moms and dads who share many more concerns than, a priori, you can imagine.

In Op & Kids we are pioneers in Catalonia, specialists in weekends, trips and leisure activities exclusively for single-parent families, planned with love and with passion, having a place in this adventure single participants, divorced or widowed with children, from any place. You are all welcome.

The purpose of the company is not to gather a large number of people to do macro-meetups, but to relate to each other small groups of singles with children, in an almost family environment, guaranteeing the enjoyment of your free time with many excursions, getaways and trips for both adults and children, always accompanied by specialized personnel.

Are you one of ours? We love you with us! Join our tribe, the more we are the more we laugh!

Are you single-parent family? Are you separated, widowed, or perhaps you are a single mother by choice and your child (ren) is under 13? Then yes, you are definitely ours!

Contact us and join our group of single-parent moms and dads with kids, we guarantee that all our outings are deliciously family friendly and respectful.

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Welcome, welcome, a pleasure to meet you, this is your home.

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