Verbena de San Juan in Menorca 2020

Nautic Ocean
Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, Tiana
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San Juan is the most Mediterranean festival of all. We like to feel intensely that summer is already here and we can't think of a better way to enjoy it than aboard a sailboat departing from Barcelona to get to Ciutadella where we expect party, tradition, and some horses that provoke the delirium of the visitors

Without a doubt, living the Verbena de San Juan in Menorca this 2020, and also doing it on a sailboat, is one of the best ways to give entrance to the summer solstice.

We count on you for this adventure?

We love the month of June, especially since it means summer is coming, and with it the good weather and navigation. And without a doubt, the Verbena San Juan marks the beginning of this fabulous season for all sailors. This 2020, we return to Menorca as every year for these traditional and exciting parties.

For many years it is an unavoidable appointment for all of us who love to sail. Menorca is always a successful destination for June, with good weather and with its traditional festivals, it is the ideal time to visit it.


Day 1 - Friday 06/19/2020

First, boarding and presentation of the entire crew with an expert skipper in the area. Safety breafing: life jackets, lifelines, tightness and maneuverability. Analysis of the meteorological information for the next days. Routing. Welcome drink and coca of Llavaneres on board. Then we will sail from Barcelona,?? Heading Menorca in a fantastic sailboat. We will enjoy sailing, dolphin watching and spectacular sunset accompanied by special music for this magical moment. We will spend our first night on board.

Day 2 - Saturday 06/20

Arrival scheduled in Menorca in the morning. Also, we will go to one of its transparent water coves to take a well-deserved dip, down to shore with our auxiliary boat, and then we will take our lunch on board. We will visit the northern part of the island anchoring in coves such as Algaiarens or Pregonda, with its red sands and crystal clear waters. In the afternoon we will visit some other cove for dinner and spend the night anchored in a sky full of stars.

Day 3 - Sunday 06/21

Day to enjoy the coves, anchorages and baths on the beautiful island of Menorca.

Day 4 - Monday 06/22

With the boat perfectly provided, we will go along the west face of the island of Menorca enjoying the scenery like Cabo Nati, until we reach the natural port of Ciutadella where we will disembark to go to the heart of the festivities. We expect games with horses (it's fuss), the traditional drink of the island, the Ginet, and lots of fun. We will live the Verbena de San Juan in Menorca as we have never done anywhere else. We will spend the magical night in one of the coves near Ciutadella such as Cala Bruto, Cala Blanes, or Cala Degollador.

At dawn we will head to Barcelona to enjoy sailing on a journey of 110 nautical miles. We will enjoy a sunrise on the high seas.

Day 5 - Tuesday 06/23

After the guards, little by little, and as the sun's rays penetrate the cabins we will have our breakfast served in the cockpit of the sailboat.

Arrival in Barcelona at 8:00 p.m. approximately. To conclude, farewell of the crew and group photo.


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