Montsec Activa Àger

Carrer de la Font, 11. Àger

Montsec Activa is a company specializing in active tourism and nature activities, founded in 2005. We are professionals in the sector and our main goal is to take care of every detail, to ensure that our activities are carried out successfully.

Montsec Activa is registered in the register of companies organizing Physical-Sports Activities in the Natural Environment of the Generalitat of Catalonia No C 179 and is adhered to the Catalan Canoe Federation Company.

Our environment

Located at the foot of Montsec Àger Valley is an ideal place to enjoy active tourism and activities in nature.

The reservoirs of Canelles, Camarasa and Santa Ana, with its spectacular landscapes are the ideal place for Kayak, Canoe, Paddle surf, kayak fishing and boat trips frame.

The Montsec is one of the best areas in the world of free flight. With Activa Montsec you can have unforgettable flying with tandem paragliding, piloted by a professional pilot.

And if what you like is mountain biking or hiking, you have at your fingertips 500km of marked routes of all levels.

The Montsec has been distinguished as Starlight Reserve, for its special quality of the night sky. This certification places the Montsec among the top five places in the world more excellent for observing the sky.

Activities Mont-rebei

Up to 10 different ways to enjoy this spectacular scenery.

  • Kayaking and canoes
  • Boat Rentals
  • Guided or unguided
  • Family Kayak
  • Paddle Surf: A fun experience with this new form of surfing.
  • Kayak Fishing: Enjoy an exciting day kayak fishing in a completely wild places.
  • Hiking: The gorge of Mont-rebei
  • Tandem paragliding flight: The best way to enjoy the feeling of paragliding in a safe, comfortable and fun.


Itineraries that combine kayaking and hiking.

  • Boat trips
  • The gorge of Mont-rebei
  • Canelles Reservoir



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