Maximum Escape Barcelona

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Forget everything you knew until now and get ready to live a new unique experience of 60 minutes.

Some say that we produce games, others that we create alternative realities. We call this "quest", realistic experiences. Here you will not be just spectators, but you will have an arduous job: in some cases you will have to save London and sometimes your own life. To carry out these missions has a limited time, different depending on the mission.

Our Adventures

Prisoners of Alkaban: Where is the magic of the world? Adventure to do as a family from 8 years old.

Sherlock Holmes against the London devil: The last case of the great detective, Only you can save!

Damn Fame: the artist has lost his Inspiration! Our most recommended adventure for families!

Darkness: Power your senses! What will happen when you are surrounded by darkness?

The Dungeon, the last game: Try to escape without being caught by the guardian of the dungeon!

Gangsters: Money, weapons and alcohol: The 20s, salary gangsters trapped! Escape or die in the attempt!

Ulysses Spaceship: Establish the first contact with an extraterrestrial civilization!

Refuge 27: Our adventure by escapist experts with a duration of 90 minutes. Will you be able to reach the surface?

Consult our website for more information and reservations.

Our room escapes can be played in family, with friends and even with co-workers since we can accommodate up to 33 people playing simultaneously.

Check our program for additional services for companies.

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