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Mas Marcè is made up of a family that has been shepherds for more than 6 generations. Located in the heart of the Empordà, we have dedicated ourselves to recovering the Ripollesa Sheep, a native Catalan breed, and making artisanal and organic products derived from its milk.

The objective of this project, which is now 10 years old, was mainly to recover three values that had been lost until now:

  • The overcooked from Empordà, which is a traditional product of the area.
  • The "herbacol" vegetable rennet for the production of products.
  • Recovering the Ripollesa breed sheep, native to Catalonia, as a milk producer.

One of our objectives is to prioritize that our sheep feed exclusively on pastures and cereals from our farm. Everything is ecological. Ripollesa sheep's milk is of high quality, since it produces half a liter of milk a day in two milkings. It is the main base of all the products we make such as overcooked, yogurt, kefir and cheese.

Involvement with nature is very important, since if the sheep do not go out to graze in the fields, they do not produce the same amount of milk. They only eat what comes out of the farm, nothing is bought outside and no insecticide or pesticide is thrown away.

With our cheese, overcooked, quefirs and yogurt products we want to convey to our customers not only their quality, but also how we make them. After realizing that consumers were really interested in how we made them, it was when we thought it appropriate to open the doors of our farm without losing our values: Traditionality, authenticity and recovered values.

One of the objectives of opening the doors of our farm is to teach everything we do and how we do it. From there you can see the workshop, enter the milking parlor or the corral, as well as having the possibility of participating in a cottage cheese workshop, where the entire production process is taught, and / or a wool workshop, where they teach how to carde and spin the wool produced by our sheep.

The visit to the facilities can be done in Catalan, Spanish or English, and you must make a prior reservation to check availability. They can be done throughout the year and are open to families, educational centers and organized groups. The visits we offer are the following:

Visit + tasting

0 to 2 years: free. 3 to 11 years 6 €. 12 years or more 11 €

Visit + cottage cheese workshop / wool workshop + tasting

0 to 2 years: free. 3 to 11 years 7 €. 12 years or more 12 €

Visit + cottage cheese workshop + wool workshop + tasting

0 to 2 years: free. 3 to 11 years 8 €. 12 years or more € 13

We follow the health prevention measures, small groups, mandatory mask respecting the minimum distances.


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