Forn Mas Palou Ripoll

Carretera de Barcelona, 72 Baixos Ripoll

Located in a beautiful spot next to the Catalan Pyrenees and surrounded by the mountains of Ripoll, in the Ripollès, as its name indicates, we started being and still we are one of the only firewood ovens of direct fire remaining in Catalonia.

Initially most of the products that they elaborated and sold were bread and pasta, but later they specialized in the artisan elaboration of CARQUINYOLIS. Today, and thanks in part to the desire to research and discover new flavors, their CARQUINYOLIS are recognized throughout our country and exported to other countries such as: Germany, Italy, France, Japan and England.


The Carquinyolis
Our Carquinyolis are made with products from the land, handmade by hand and cooked in the wood oven. 100% natural without additives or preservatives. Certificates with the Q of Food Quality.

SELECTION OF CARQUINYOLIS (4 boxes of 225 g / unit, to choose between the different tastes of Carquinyolis)

GREAT SELECTION OF BREADS: Country bread, turned, bars, bars...

The Cocas
Of peasants, of pine nuts, of fruit, of pork rinds, of puff pastry and apple, of eggs..., Roscones

Normal croissants, chocolate, cheese and ham, normal and wholemeal muffins, cookies, dry pasta...

The oven

An artisan wood oven made with billet from Bruc, like the ones that once existed in Catalan peasant homes.

The products are made as before and in the most traditional way. Go try and buy their specialties, you will enjoy the flavor of before.


To get to the Mas Palou oven, you have to take the road that goes from the center of Ripoll towards Sant Joan de les Abadesses. Once the company Ferros Arimany is about 100 meters away, you will find a detour to the left and you will go up a path to Mas Palou, about 1 km. (Follow indicators).


Open Monday to Sunday from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.


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