Formatges Cuirols La Nou de Berguedà

Josep Venturós opened the Formatgeria Cuirols in 2007, when he had had a herd of goats for 13 years. His illusion had always been to make cheeses like his grandmother's.

At Cuirols we look for sustainability, return to our origins and defend the production of raw milk. Our cheeses are made with raw milk and we work with our own ferments. This preserves the flavor of milk, a dynamic taste, where you can see how the taste of cheeses varies depending on the herbs that goats eat and the seasons of the year.

The goats are of alpine breed, which is very robust, endures the cold very well and is a great dairy. They live in a corral with an outdoor patio and go out to graze every day in the Sierra de Catllaràs. Their diet is based on cereals, fodder and natural pastures.

Our cheeses

The Carbonera is a lactic curd cheese. It is coated with charcoal and offers a fresh and mild flavor.

Cuirol is a lactic curd cheese, covered with the fungus Geotrichum. It offers a slightly acid taste.

L'Esquirol is an enzymatic coagulation cheese, matured 3-4 months of washed crust.

Marbrat is an enzymatic coagulation cheese, matured 3-4 months of natural crust.

Sant Martí is an enzymatic coagulation cheese, matured 6 months of natural crust.

Sant Martí Vell is an enzymatic coagulation cheese, matured 12 months of natural crust. Intense flavor with nuances of nuts.

Products and services

Apart from our range of cheeses, we also have sour cream, annealed, tupi and we offer a tasting service at home for weddings and all kinds of celebrations.

Direct and proximity sale

Every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Direct online sale on our website.

Guided tours, with tasting and cheese making. Hours agreed.


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