Estació d'esquí nòrdic d'Aransa Lles de Cerdanya

El Fornell s/n (Aransa) Lles de Cerdanya

Since the winter of 2013, we are neighbors and Aransa houses that have decided to carry on the station with a model of management unpublished until now.

Townspeople have put us to work together. We do this with a single goal: to welcome all those who love cross-country skiing and mountain and offer the best services.

And we do from amateurism.

Forest roads, snow, are our habitat forever.

We are the townsfolk who urge the opening of the station, for decades, with very little means. Since then, a young Aransa, was champion of Catalonia, Spain and participated in international competitions.

Now, it is with the same spirit of joint effort we put our expertise at your disposal.

At the station we find us: people who work so that the tracks are in excellent condition, which you will rent skis and snowshoes and we will give the necessary advice, which we will give classes, which you will cook a great meal to recover forces...

And think others that we are not in the station also work to make your stay a very good experience. In the village you will find accommodation and catering.

We are few neighbors, but well-matched.

We moved the best engine: a collective project and desire to do well. We do well.

We want the people of Aransa alive. We love Aransa and Station. And we want to share.

We want you to enjoy the forest and its paths like us. With us.

We have everything ready. We wait for you!

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