Dinosfera Coll de Nargó

C/ Xavier Marot s/n. Coll de Nargó

The exhibition space Dinosfera in Coll de Nargó, is part of the "Dinosaurs of the Pyrenees" which aims to provide scientific knowledge on the last dinosaurs that lived in Europe, more than 66 million years ago, through a series of museum spaces distributed by the Pyrenees.

In Dinosfera you shall learn what science knows about the reproduction of dinosaurs from the information that scientists have obtained important paleontological sites in the municipality of Coll de Nargó. This exhibition space shows eggs and nests of dinosaur a life-size model of a sauropod dinosaur eggs speaker and an interactive game that challenges the viewer to play the excavation process of laying eggs Europe's largest dinosaur extracted from a reservoir in this area and it is also exposed.

During the year, the Dinosfera space opens every weekend.

  • Saturday from 11 to 14h and 17 to 19h
  • Sunday from 11 to 14h

During Christmas, Easter and summer weekdays between space, see the schedule on the web.

Museology is complemented by the Museum of the Conca Dellà in Isona Conca Dellà, where you will find the largest nest of dinosaur eggs in Europe, reconstruction actual size of a sauropod dinosaur and a set of activities that will allow you to know Catalonia in the era of dinosaurs.



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