Wool workshop Fairies

Casa Chin
Vielha e Mijaran

A workshop for the whole family!

Come and create your own Waldorf-inspired fairies handcrafted with 100% merino. A practical workshop to learn how to make fairies for decorative purposes. To give, play and enjoy the experiential and creative elaboration process.

The workshop provides the material to learn and make your fairies, which you will take when you finish.

The workshop has benefits that start from the same texture of the wool that awakens the imagination and is inspiring, until the final result, the fairies with their aspect of being magical, protective (fairy comes from the Latin fatum, which means destiny) that will serve to Hang in the room of the little ones or in the house, in the family meeting place.

Accommodation and Workshop for max 15 people.

More information:

Cottage "Casa Chin", Val d'Aran


Come 5 nights and pay 4 (for 11 people)

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