Ca L'Amorós, Casa Museu Porrera

Maestre Llurba, 7. Porrera

Ca L'Amorós is an 18th century house, declared a cultural asset of local interest , Catalan cultural heritage. The house is one of the oldest in the town of Porrera and is named after a wealthy family of the time, the Amorós.

The house was built in 1797 and has remained intact in the times. To enter Ca L'Amorós is to make a trip to the past, transporting yourself to those times.

The house, with three floors, is divided into: entrance, first floor and attic. From the door of the entrance you can already feel the sensations of the past with tools of the field and utensils of the time where horses and carriages entered. The ground is still preserved with the prints of the family horses. When you climb the stairs you will find cozy corners. On the walls are the diplomas and medals of the wines obtained with the vineyards of the Amorós family.

Upon reaching the first floor you will see the large living room with portraits painted by family members. You will also find rooms with dresses, house clothes and a diversity of details characteristic of the period. On the second floor is the attic from where you can see wonderful views of the mountains of Porrera, full of vineyards planted waiting to be picked to become a valued wines around the world. An exceptional house in the Priorat region that will take you to a lot of sensations that will transport you directly to the 18th century.


We have 3 types of visits so that you can enjoy everything.

Visit to Casa Ca La Amorós.

Estimated time: 45 min. approx.

In it you can see all the rooms of the house, from the entrance in the attic through the rooms.

Visit to Casa Ca La Amorós + visit to the Weapons Museum.

Estimated time: 1h. and 30 min. approx.

Here you can visit the house + the weapons museum where you will find a collection of weapons of the eighteenth century.

Visit of Casa Ca La Amorós + visit to the Weapons Museum + wine glass of Priorat / Porrera with tasting of products from the region.

Estimated time: 2 h.

You can reserve by sending an email through our contact form, by phone or through Facebook.

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