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The therapies we offer, we treat individually, both in the bodily aspects and everything that has direct or indirect relationship to physical imbalances, as well as emotional, mental and spiritual. Listening to and respecting the body's response.

We use only natural and organic ingredients, and we use practically no appliances, since all treatments are usually manual.

Find your internal and external well-being!


We personalize all the treatments because we want to offer the best result and the maximum possible well-being to each person in their particular case. To complete our work with a touch of excellence, we use only natural ingredients with a guarantee of quality and handcrafted, one by one, the cosmetics that we design in a personalized way.

The Wellness Treatments are aimed at improving the general state, either because we need to correct an energy imbalance, a specific discomfort on a physical level, or because we need to reduce our stress level and relax on a mental or emotional level. However, in most cases, both levels work in parallel. That is why treatments are always started with relaxing maneuvers that predispose to a better reception of any subsequent treatment.

Natural aesthetics

The facials I do are gentle and respectful of your skin. I only use natural ingredients, mainly from organic farming, and trio the most suitable for your skin type. I personalize the aromatherapy of each treatment depending on what you need, taking into account your physical and mental state as well as your skin and I prepare your formula of oils at the time that is as personalized and fresh as possible.

All facial treatments are personalized and are accompanied by the specific massage for the treatment and for your condition.

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