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Shrines in Solsona (holy mother of ten Massarrúbies Lladurs)

Shrines in Solsonès

The Solsona is, as described at the time Josep Pla: one of the regions that form the "highlands of Tenerife, cold, exposed to the gusts of wind of the Pyrenees, agriculturally lean and admirable restraint" and which stands out as a sparsely populated.Despite having fifteen municipalities, most of the population live in farmhouses scattered throughout the territory. Why the Solsona is also known as "the region of a thousand farms."Within the region itself, however, can ... READ +

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Routes of 1714

The Natural Park Cadí-Moixeró

The Natural Park Moixeró is one of the largest natural areas that hosts our country (41,342 hectares) and with a greater number of habits and species of flora ... READ +

calçotats a la brasa

A trip to the world of calçots

The calçotada is one of the most popular food festivals and significant in Catalonia with more than one century. It has its rationale in the calçot, a ... READ +

Pel medieval Route Bages

Ruta Medieval in Bages

As you know, the medieval period, also known as middle age, has left a great legacy in Catalunya which currently can enjoy in different situations and places. ... READ +

Delta del Ebro, the pure nature

Delta de l'Ebre, the pure nature

The Ebro Delta, with 320 square kilometers, is the largest wetland in Catalonia and the first western Mediterranean aquatic habitat.The route that we propose ... READ +

Pel mel Road amb Montsec

The honey cooking

Honey is a popular and consumed by the population for the many benefits it presents. Often this is one of the stars of the sweetest moments of our lives but in turn ... READ +

Route de l'Ebre Battle

Route of the Peace: The Battle of the Ebro

Since 1981 is celebrated every September 21 the International Day of Peace proclaimed by the United Nations.This day marked calendars universally in all the ... READ +

Interior Limekiln Vidal

Textil colonies in Berguedà

On this route, from, we invite you to visit an important part of our heritage: industrial colonies. Specifically this route focuses on textil colonies ... READ +

Route de l'Oli pro les Garrigues

The oil route, from field to table

This month we recommend you femTurisme oil route as it is during the month of November, around day 25, which is when we celebrate Santa Caterina, which begins ... READ +

Els refugis antiaeris to Barcelona

The air raid shelters in Barcelona

Now that is so fashionable debate about historical memory in Spain, is a good time to remember the Civil War and its impact on Barcelona. From we wanted ... READ +


Rediscover the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is the coastal area of ??the province of Gerona. It is a captivating environment 214 km of coastline stretching between Blanes in the south and the ... READ +

Monastery Cistercian Route Santes Creus

Cistercian Route II: Culture, fauna and flora around Santes Creus

In this second installment of cister invite you to discover the monastery of Santes Creus and surrounding areas, rich in fauna and flora, thanks in large part to the ... READ +

Road Igualada skin (Leather Museum in Igualada)

The leather path in Igualada

The Anoia is one of the interior regions of Catalonia, located at the eastern end of the Catalan Central Depression, where Igualada exerts its capital.Igualada ... READ +

Savoring the cuisine of 1714 (1714 medieval cooking)

Trying the 1714 food

The 1714 was a year that marked the Catalan region: culture, traditions, people and also gastronomy.This was important because it was the fuel that gave ... READ +

After the Nueva Planta decrees (Decree new plant Felipe V)

After the Nova Planta laws

After a war there are always catastrophic: people killed, injured, destruction of buildings, etc. But we should not consider only tangible harm. Also keep in mind ... READ +

The protagonists of the 1714 siege (siege 1714 characters)

The main characters in the the siege of 1714

The story is not written on paper with the help of a pen. The story is drawn with the facts, actions, decisions and actions that people do. And the site of Barcelona ... READ +

Literary path by Modern Catalonia (Catalan literature 1714)

Literary route in the Modern Catalonia

The literary moment of 1714 is surrounded by everything that had lived until then and later that live not only in literary terms but also in political and social ... READ +

Barcelona defenders Guilds (Part II) (1714 barcelona guilds)

Barcelona defenders Guilds (Part II) already has a dedicated path to the guilds who defended the city of Barcelona during the siege of September 11, 1714: Supporters guilds Barcelona ... READ +

Guilds defenders Barcelona (Part I) (1714 Colonel barcelona guilds)

Barcelona's defenders guilds (Part I)

The defense of the city of Barcelona during the Bourbon's 1714 was not only carried out by the army and the military, but the people of the city that had other ... READ +

The coronelas and battalions (Battalions barcelona coronelas and Tortosa)

The coronelas and their battalions

The defending army Austrian faction that fought during the War of Succession was formed by different regiments. There were some who took orders from the coronelas of ... READ +

The Academy of the Distrustful (route suspicious Academy 1714)

The Academy of the Distrustfuls

During the early eighteenth century the Catalan aristocracy educated talent was organized to defend and deepen their history and culture. This was common practice in ... READ +

03. The battles of 1714 (battles catalunya 1714)

The battles of 1714

On this route offers a journey through the countries that suffered the most significant battles occurred during the year 1714. These are spread ... READ +

02. The Covenant of Vigatans (Company of Migueletes Joseph Moragues)

The Vigatans' Covenant

After Felipe V in 1702 are proclaimed as king of the Spanish monarchy and disagreeing various territories, including Catalonia, England, Holland, Portugal and the ... READ +

Catalonia before 1714 (1714 catalunya route)

Catalonia before 1714

This route we go into the historical background of the War of Succession, the reactions caused and institutions that Catalonia had at the time. This ... READ +

1714 Route

1714 Route

Since 1980 Catalonia is celebrated National Day on September 11. This holiday commemorates the defeat suffered by the Catalan people against the troops of Philip V ... READ +


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Giveaway: a night at Berga Resort

(27/10/2014) already have here the new drawing! This time it is a one night stay at ... READ +

Winner: The Camp overnight in the Age


We have the winner of the draw for a night for two people including breakfast The field ... READ +

Celebrations 1714-2014


The Tercentenary is the commemoration of the 300th anniversary of the fall of the city ... READ +

Music at the Museum of Catalan Modernism


The Museum of Catalan Modernism has already organized the cycle dedicated to children ... READ +

Giveaway: a night at Berga Resort
Winner: The Camp overnight in the Age
Celebrations 1714-2014
Music at the Museum of Catalan Modernism

Menu G-Astronomical


The Monastery of hazelnuts during 2014-2015 provides the proposed G-Astronomical ... READ +

Visit the University of Cervera


The University of Cervera proposes know its history from within. Discovering building ... READ +

Weather of souls in the Mon Sant Benet


The Mon Sant Benet opens the series "El Temps de les animes" a set of ... READ +

Riding lessons at the Farm Foundation


The Farm Foundation of Sitges lets us know that they have gone mad !!They said ... READ +

Menu G-Astronomical
Visit the University of Cervera
Weather of souls in the Mon Sant Benet
Riding lessons at the Farm Foundation

Subirats Tasta'l


The Subirats Tasta'l celebrates another year to Subirats Plaça de Sant Pau ... READ +

19th Science Week


A year in Catalonia is celebrated Science Week. This year coincides week from 14 to 23 ... READ +

34th Fair fir Espinelves


The people of Espinelves is a Romanesque of which are still preserved in Catalonia where ... READ +

Fair Saint Lucia Barcelona


This year the Fair Saint Lucia Barcelona celebrates 227 years and will open doors on ... READ +

Subirats Tasta'l
19th Science Week
34th Fair fir Espinelves
 Fair Saint Lucia Barcelona


Fira Mediterrània de Manres
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