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The bread in the Llucanes (bread route Llucanes)

The bread in Lluçanès

Do you know what steps to take to make bread? Want to know how to give the field takes shape to the table? This route Bread in Llucanes will help you find ... READ +

Route Xató to

The route of Xató

Catalonia is a region that, among other things, known for its gastronomy. Mediterranean cuisine with all its flavors and smells. So are many routes this ... READ +

Santa Margarida Volcà

Volcanoes and other landscapes in La Garrotxa

The region of La Garrotxa is located at the eastern end of the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees and is known as the volcanic area of ??Catalonia. Its geographical location makes ... READ +

Montserrat, symbol of Catalonia

Montserrat, symbol of Catalonia

Montserrat is much more than a mountain in the heart of Catalonia, is a symbol must for all those who want to deepen the country, is a natural park where you can ... READ +

Via Romanesque de l'Urgell Alrt

Romanic path in the Alt Urgell

The Alt Urgell, despite being one of the largest regions of Catalonia, is one that has a lower population density. For this reason, natural and landscape values ... READ +

Amb route Josep Pla

Route with Josep Pla

Josep Pla i Casadevall is considered one of the best writers Catalan history, his work, thirty thousand pages of prose, is one of the most read in Catalan and has ... READ +

Road Gaudí i als Jardins Artigas Berguedà of Pobla de Lillet

Gaudí and Berguedà

La Pobla de Lillet , inside of Catalonia, is the second municipality with more works of Gaudí, second only to the city of Barcelona . There we find the ... READ +

Caldetes' literary route

Have you been algunz time in Caldes d'Estrac and know its literary past? Did you know that Catalan artists, big name, spent some time in this town? And that, ... READ +

Els refugis antiaeris to Barcelona

The air raid shelters in Barcelona

Now that is so fashionable debate about historical memory in Spain, is a good time to remember the Civil War and its impact on Barcelona. From we wanted ... READ +

Ruta dels i les jardins Catalunya a l'flors to April

Flower and garden fairs

The month of April comes from the hand of spring, the season of rebirth that will last until June 21 is when it gives way to summer.At this time of year the ... READ +

Medieval Montblanc per Sant Jordi

Medieval Route in Monblanc by Sant Jordi

Legend has it that "there was once a village scared by a fierce dragon, who ate all grazing animals.This was not a dragon either, was the most powerful ... READ +

Road Igualada skin (Leather Museum in Igualada)

The leather path in Igualada

The Anoia is one of the interior regions of Catalonia, located at the eastern end of the Catalan Central Depression, where Igualada exerts its capital.Igualada ... READ +

The fet casteller to Catalonia

The "fet casteller"

Castles are one of the quintessential traditions of Catalan culture, hundreds of people joined by defy gravity and climb over each other to create buildings that ... READ +

La Dansa de la Mort to the Passion of Verges

The Passions

Catalonia is a country with a wide range of customs and traditions.Almost every month of the year there is a festival to celebrate that makes us travel ... READ +

The Academy of the Distrustful (route suspicious Academy 1714)

The Academy of the Distrustfuls

During the early eighteenth century the Catalan aristocracy educated talent was organized to defend and deepen their history and culture. This was common practice in ... READ +

03. The battles of 1714 (battles catalunya 1714)

The battles of 1714

On this route offers a journey through the countries that suffered the most significant battles occurred during the year 1714. These are spread ... READ +

02. The Covenant of Vigatans (Company of Migueletes Joseph Moragues)

The Vigatans' Covenant

After Felipe V in 1702 are proclaimed as king of the Spanish monarchy and disagreeing various territories, including Catalonia, England, Holland, Portugal and the ... READ +

Catalonia before 1714 (1714 catalunya route)

Catalonia before 1714

This route we go into the historical background of the War of Succession, the reactions caused and institutions that Catalonia had at the time. This ... READ +

1714 Route

1714 Route

Since 1980 Catalonia is celebrated National Day on September 11. This holiday commemorates the defeat suffered by the Catalan people against the troops of Philip V ... READ +

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I Instagram contest winners!


As promised, here we have the winners of the photo contest I on ... READ +

Giveaway: 5 packs of 2 sessions at the Indoor Karting Barcelona


Dare to join with and Indoor Karting Barcelona in the draw that we have ... READ +

Winner: Gerard Quintana in the Kursaal


We have the contest winners:Marta Torra ... READ +

IV Anniversary Museum of Catalan Modernism


The Museum of Catalan Modernism (MMCAT) presents innovations in its collection, among ... READ +

I Instagram contest winners!
Giveaway: 5 packs of 2 sessions at the Indoor Karting Barcelona
Winner: Gerard Quintana in the Kursaal
IV Anniversary Museum of Catalan Modernism

Proposals in the Penedès


Enoturismepenedès offers a lot of interesting and attractive proposals that do ... READ +

Crafts of Modernism


The Museum of Catalan Modernism has prepared the second series of conferences and ... READ +

Pyrenades Festival


This year, the population of Naut Aran (Salardú) , held the 4th edition of the ... READ +

The Passion Esparraguera


The Passion Esparraguera is a show with great dramatic and technical complexity, which ... READ +

Proposals in the Penedès
Crafts of Modernism
Pyrenades Festival
The Passion Esparraguera

The procession Verges


The procession Verges is performed only on Holy Thursday. Their representation starts ... READ +

Flag of Catalonia


"Flag of Catalonia - order Empúries County" is a theatrical performance that ... READ +

Sant Jordi in Suria


Suria waiting with open arms the day of Sant Jordi and having prepared events for many ... READ +

Montblanc Medieval Week XXVII


Montblanc XXVII already preparing the Medieval Week. This year, the Medieval Week will ... READ +

The procession Verges
Flag of Catalonia
Sant Jordi in Suria
Montblanc Medieval Week XXVII


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