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Mercat de Santa Catarina

From market to market in Barcelona

This December many people who visit the markets as they approach the Christmas holidays and they are synonymous with gifts and meals.Barcelona's markets are ... READ +

Modernism: l'seguint Puig work per the coast

Following the work of Puig i Cadafalch along the coast

The cultural movement of modernism made ??his mark in Catalonia and, unlike other artistic movements, presented a special dimension since spread throughout Catalonia ... READ +

Faia Fia Sant Julia de Cerdanyola

The Fia-Faia, Christmas tradition

Started in December we are very close to the Christmas party, the streets are decorated and popular traditions resurface again recalling the practices that our ... READ +

Cheese Montsec (Route montsec cheeses)

The Montsec's cheese

The Cordillera del Montsec, by its nature, welcomes attractions that aroused the interest of both the visitors and the residents themselves.Besides having one ... READ +

Castells Gaia

Route of the medieval castles near the Gaia river

The Gaia is one of the rivers that cross the province of Tarragona. What makes it special is that along its course through the Alt Camp, Conca de Barbera and ... READ +

Nadal femTurisme

Fairs, pastorets, games and theater to celebrate Christmas

With December comes the cold and the desire to be home near the heat of the fire or heat, but this time let us discover Christmas traditions that are celebrated ... READ +

Barcelona Modernisme Route

Route of Modernism in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city of a thousand faces, a thousand colors, a thousand scents, flavors and a thousand thousand sensations. On this route Modernist Barcelona board, ... READ +

calçotats a la brasa

A trip to the world of calçots

The calçotada is one of the most popular food festivals and significant in Catalonia with more than one century. It has its rationale in the calçot, a ... READ +

Route of Catalan art of the eighteenth century (Antoni Viladomat Chapel Mataro pains)

Route of Catalan art in the 18th century

Since ancient times, know different ways of living, as well as ways to express and experience the artistic reactions of people.We can travel to the cave, where ... READ +

Savoring the cuisine of 1714 (1714 medieval cooking)

Trying the 1714 food

The 1714 was a year that marked the Catalan region: culture, traditions, people and also gastronomy.This was important because it was the fuel that gave ... READ +

After the Nueva Planta decrees (Decree new plant Felipe V)

After the Nova Planta laws

After a war there are always catastrophic: people killed, injured, destruction of buildings, etc. But we should not consider only tangible harm. Also keep in mind ... READ +

The protagonists of the 1714 siege (siege 1714 characters)

The main characters in the the siege of 1714

The story is not written on paper with the help of a pen. The story is drawn with the facts, actions, decisions and actions that people do. And the site of Barcelona ... READ +

Literary path by Modern Catalonia (Catalan literature 1714)

Literary route in the Modern Catalonia

The literary moment of 1714 is surrounded by everything that had lived until then and later that live not only in literary terms but also in political and social ... READ +

Barcelona defenders Guilds (Part II) (1714 barcelona guilds)

Barcelona defenders Guilds (Part II) already has a dedicated path to the guilds who defended the city of Barcelona during the siege of September 11, 1714: Supporters guilds Barcelona ... READ +

Guilds defenders Barcelona (Part I) (1714 Colonel barcelona guilds)

Barcelona's defenders guilds (Part I)

The defense of the city of Barcelona during the Bourbon's 1714 was not only carried out by the army and the military, but the people of the city that had other ... READ +

The coronelas and battalions (Battalions barcelona coronelas and Tortosa)

The coronelas and their battalions

The defending army Austrian faction that fought during the War of Succession was formed by different regiments. There were some who took orders from the coronelas of ... READ +

The Academy of the Distrustful (route suspicious Academy 1714)

The Academy of the Distrustfuls

During the early eighteenth century the Catalan aristocracy educated talent was organized to defend and deepen their history and culture. This was common practice in ... READ +

03. The battles of 1714 (battles catalunya 1714)

The battles of 1714

On this route offers a journey through the countries that suffered the most significant battles occurred during the year 1714. These are spread ... READ +

02. The Covenant of Vigatans (Company of Migueletes Joseph Moragues)

The Vigatans' Covenant

After Felipe V in 1702 are proclaimed as king of the Spanish monarchy and disagreeing various territories, including Catalonia, England, Holland, Portugal and the ... READ +

Catalonia before 1714 (1714 catalunya route)

Catalonia before 1714

This route we go into the historical background of the War of Succession, the reactions caused and institutions that Catalonia had at the time. This ... READ +

1714 Route

1714 Route

Since 1980 Catalonia is celebrated National Day on September 11. This holiday commemorates the defeat suffered by the Catalan people against the troops of Philip V ... READ +


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

(03/12/2014) you want a Merry Christmas and that the entry in the new year you will ... READ +

Jackpot: T Chariots of Fire


To finish this 2014 and start 2015 with many forces, and Chariots of ... READ +

Winner: one night at Berga Resort


We have the winner of the drawing for a one night stay at Berga Resort in wooden ... READ +

Celebrations 1714-2014


The Tercentenary is the commemoration of the 300th anniversary of the fall of the city ... READ +

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Jackpot: T Chariots of Fire
Winner: one night at Berga Resort
Celebrations 1714-2014

Fair Saint Lucia Barcelona


This year the Fair Saint Lucia Barcelona celebrates 227 years and will open doors on ... READ +

Winter in the Món Sant Benet


The Món Sant Benet has prepared a series of promotions exclusive to these ... READ +

Christmas Menus company l'Estany


This prestigious restaurant Amposta launched to celebrate Christmas with colleagues, ... READ +

Music at the Museum of Catalan Modernism


The Museum of Catalan Modernism has already organized the cycle dedicated to children ... READ +

 Fair Saint Lucia Barcelona
Winter in the Món Sant Benet
Christmas Menus company l'Estany
Music at the Museum of Catalan Modernism

Menu G-Astronomical


The Monastery of hazelnuts during 2014-2015 provides the proposed G-Astronomical ... READ +

Riding lessons at the Farm Foundation


The Farm Foundation of Sitges lets us know that they have gone mad !!They said ... READ +

Christmas at Restaurant Bon Repos


The Restaurant Bon Repos in Santa Susanna offers special meals for Christmas this ... READ +

Menu G-Astronomical
Riding lessons at the Farm Foundation
Christmas at Restaurant Bon Repos


Fira Mediterrània de Manres
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